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Moderation & Consulting

Small groups - Counselling

Think, Speak, Feel
Facilitation Working groups have a lot of dimensions. Is there always enough time and space for them? Large groups need great gestures. Required are creative solutions.

Team development, team supervision, incentives or strategy development are processes which we accompany frequently.

Our focus is on public administration, NGOs, NPOs and politics.

Counselling Pictorial representation of complex topics help us to understand. empty Arenīt there enough people in the room, just use Playmobil. Pattern and dynamics will uncover. empty If creative solutions are required creative approaches can help. Create, explain, understand. empty Out of the square, closed cage of thinking. Meet one another in a new way at unusual places. Some discussions need you to redefine your position. empty How do others perceive us? How do we deal with external realities? And how do they deal with us? empty