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Moderation & Consulting

Small groups - Facilitation

SOS Kinderdorf International
Facilitation The whole world in one room. Support of expert´s networks. a different approach.

We accompany you:

Board meetings, strategy teams, steering groups and other meetings.

Counselling Moderation of international teams in:
Bosnia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, USA, ... empty For the TU Wien, Department Architecture, Section Residential Construction. With Herbert Keck und Peter Steinbach. empty Modeldevelopment for ÖSKO, Austrian Languagecommittee in cooperation with the ÖSZ, Austrian Languagecompetence Center.
Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger, Lisa Schlocker, Gunther Abuja Workmeetings and conferences need careful preparation. empty The toolbox gets refilled steadily and is available for the clients all the time. Which focus do you set on the work with people? When does your work make you happy? empty The equal participation of men and women in education and workprocesses focused. Introduction into an international conference: The conference´s languages as a miniworkshop with the participants. Sometimes methods coming from theatre work are a good way to develop solutions. How much inspiration, pleasure and lightness lies in cofacilitation? I am loving it. empty