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Moderation & Consulting

Small groups

Local Agenda Favoriten, Vienna:
Facilitation steering group consisting of the agendagroup´s speech persons and representatives of all parties. for New York City´s urban planners.
Manhatten, 2015.

Social systems have a need for order, search for meaning, follow instructions, have culture …

Professional facilitation and counselling offer clearness and orientation.

Counselling „City naming“ workshop for Aspern, a part of Vienna which is currently being constructed. Concept by Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger and Hans Emrich. empty Working on complex topics in a beautiful surrounding.
Austria has a lot to offer. empty Internal training of an insurance institution starts with a back stage visit in a big theatre. Opening of the LA21 office in Favoriten with the member of the National Council Petra Bayr and the team of Emrich Consulting. Assistant project management: Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger empty Moderation Know-How and principles of successful communications processes for members Vienna´s municipal authorities. Austrian religious members under discussion about diversity and ethics. 
Moderation: Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger empty Consultation process with experts for the city of Vienna.
On behalf of MA21 and Emrich Consulting. 
Moderation: Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger The toolbox gets refilled steadily and is available for the clients all the time. Method for large groups developed by Toni Wimmer and Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger. Advisable for the exchange between experts. Learned by Marvon Weisbord, creator of the method Future Search. Workshop in Vienna at the invitation of Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger. empty