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Moderation & Consulting

Large groups - Counselling

Spatial planning rethought:
Faciliation on the road in Salzburg with LHStv. Dr. Astrid Rössler under discussion with all regions.
Conzept: Hans Emrich und Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger Compulsory workshop on the topic Gender & Diversity. Designed for large groups. Successful for years!

… Motivated large groups
… Professional procedures
… Sustainable success

RTSC, Open Space, Future Search, World Café are methodical formats which we have been implementing, researching and teaching very readily for many years.

Counselling a whole country under discussion.
Conzept: Hans Emrich und Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger empty Participatory strategydevelopment to redesign the cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women´s Affairs. empty Preliminary discussion for the event e-mobility, TU Wien with the vice mayor Maria Vassilakou and the Director of Town Planning Brigitte Jilka. 
Moderation: Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger Austrian religious members under discussion about diversity and ethics. 
Moderation: Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger empty Consultation process with experts for the city of Vienna.
On behalf of MA21 and Emrich Consulting. 
Moderation: Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger Representatives of 15 European Ministries of Education present their picture of Learning on an international Conference for students and teachers.
Moderation: Hermine Steinbach-Buchinger empty empty empty